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hi :) I'm going with my team to Sweden who i just joined a month ago. I ''know'' a few girls there but no one is really a friend who wants to hang out with as much as i with them. they all have best friends there and I'm afraid that i will have no one when we go and just be an extra if some girl is alone. i want to get to know them so ill be a good friend and spend all our time together. We go in the summer of 2015 and i just started the team in January 2014. I'm pretty shy and when i strike up a conversation then i cant think of anything else so she just leaves. Do you think theres a possibility to be a good friends to a few of the girls even though they are popular? i feel like I'm pushy and annoying if I'm always trying to join them in something.

Hi Jana!

Honestly, don't worry about it!  I know how stressful it can be throwing yourself into situations like that (believe me, I just moved to Shanghai for four months to teach English and I know absolutely no one here!)  Just be friendly, don't overdo your enthusiasm, but respond positively and warmly whenever they strike up a conversation.  If you're not going until summer 2015 you'll have plenty of time to make friends!

Best of luck!

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