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Hi i'm tom and i'm in year 10 of secondary school and one of my ex-friends was bullying me so i told him to stop, then  i again asked him to stop or i would report him, he a gain didn't listen, i once again asked him to stop and this was his last chance but again, he didn't pay attention, so i reported him and he got told off but told my brother to tell me i'm a snitch and a loser so i sent him a message on Facebook saying i don't mind if he doesn't want to be my friend and why its so hard to try and be his friend because it was, he came up to me the next day saying he will have me but i ignored him and i walked out of the canteen with my break and he jumped on me and pushed me against a wall so i turned around and went to punch him unaware of my best friend aiming his fist towards his face, my mate landed a successful hit whilst i just hit his arm as my mate nudged him back with the punch, my mate then upper cutted him and he got knocked out and may have broken his nose, i got restrained while punching him not knowing that he was knocked out and regret it and count it as cowardice myself and now me and my friend have 'Internal Exclusion' and i have no idea what that is so could you tell me what it is and what are the other consequences of getting internally excluded are, also do you think this is fair because i was just minding my own business and if he wouldn't have started it, it wouldn't of happened, Cant wait to hear your feedback,


Hi Tom,

I hadn't heard of "Internal Exclusion" before, but I just looked it up and it seems to be where they move you to another class or part of the school for a period of time (basically to separate you from whomever you were fighting with).  It seems to me like it's more serious than a detention, but less serious than suspension.  I wouldn't be too worried if I were you, I don't think it's something that will go on your permanent record, but I don't know for sure.

If I were you I would go talk to the teachers about what happened, or maybe someone even higher up, like the principal?  I can understand them needing to punish actions like this, but it seems that you were provoked to a degree that would almost render you as acting in self-defense.  If you go and explain everything that you've just explained to me, you might get some leniency in the matter.  It seems really unfair if you're constantly being bullied to not be allowed to stand up for yourself.  Tell them that you took the matter to the teachers and it still wasn't resolved, and then he even attacked you, so you didn't no what to do.  Make sure to seem genuine and upset, this is really something the teachers should also take some responsibility for.

Hope everything works out!

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