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QUESTION: Hi, I'm 17, currently a junior in high school and had two jobs. So recently I had my progress report and to tell you the truth my grades are really poor. I'm taking three AP courses and the rest are honors. Since freshman year, I haven't had a 4.0 or a 3 gpa. I decided to leave one of my jobs and just keep one instead of two because it was overwhelming for me. My biggest struggle was math and English but since I had a D in my history exam, I'm currently stuck with that D as my grade. I would get math help but I feel like I annoy my math teacher for some reason and I don't really get his teaching. I want to do better. Any tips?

ANSWER: Hey Stephanie!

Sorry about taking a little bit to get back to you, I've been so busy and the internet connection is kind of terrible here in China =/

I honestly would recommend talking to your Math teacher.  You have absolutely nothing to lose, since the only room for your grade to go is up.  Also, part of his job is communicating with students outside of class hours, so he's doing what he gets paid to do.  Just approach the situation delicately, be very polite and sincere, tell him you really want to do better and you'll do whatever it takes.

Math can be hard, but just press through it and then leave it behind when you go to college haha.  You can do it, just work extra on your own if you really don't get it (the internet has some wonderful tools, check on Google).  

Best of luck!

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QUESTION: So I kind of want to lose weight and trying out to do the 30 day squat challenge but what's hard is that I work at a mall with obviously the food court there and my mom is not a big cooker-she hates cooking. So she relies on take out or eat in restaurants but sometimes cook stuff like soup, chicken, spaghetti and all that stuff. I have dance class at school every first period of class for 40-50 minutes. Any suggestions? I want to try to make it noticeable by my sister's graduation in June.

I'm not a personal trainer, so I really don't want to recommend any type of exercise since I don't know your body type, fitness level, etc.  Eating right is hugely important though to losing weight (as in DON'T eat fast food).  Fast food is pretty much the reason half of the USA is overweight.  

If you're looking to burn carbs though, Google the "Insanity Workout."  I've heard so many people rant and rave about this, because it basically just burns all your fat off.  It's a hell of a workout though and one you need to commit to, but it works really fast if you stick to the schedule and push yourself for a couple weeks.

Good luck!

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