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Hey there :)
So I'm about to start my freshman year of highschool in a few weeks. I've talked to a lot of people, some of whom loved highschool and some who hated it so much. I was wondering what tips or advice you could give me? Anything at all is helpful :) thanks so much

Hello Maddie!

I know how uber-cliche it is, but just be yourself!  Haha, I'm totally serious!  Unless of course you're a mean person, in which case just be friendly and nice.  High school is a little dramatic, but nothing near like how it's portrayed by Hollywood.  As long as you're friendly and open with people, you'll make friends in no time.  Remember, an entire group of high school freshmen are also going in for the first time, so you're not alone.  They're all as excited and nervous as you are!

Best of luck.  High school really is a wonderful time, hope you enjoy it!


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