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I'll start off by saying that I am a 14 year old girl. And there is this guy in my class (call him A), who just joined our school this year and has some problem with me that I can not understand. Now I am really shy and do not talk much to students I don't know. So I've not talked to A at all. He joined about a month ago and within a week, he just got so many friends and became so popular and stuff that he is NEVER alone, me and my friends do not know why. Anyway, since last week, he has been making fun of me and teasing me, again, I do not know why. I USED TO have nothing against him and thought that he might be nice and friendly but boy was I wrong! But since last week, he'll just make fun of everything I do. I am a little chubby so he keeps on making fun of my weight. He makes fun of me at least twice a day. Also, he stares at me too. And that is just creepy. And when I look at him, he gives me an evil smile or smirk and turns away. What. the. hell. I just HATE him! Normally, I don't pay attention to such jerks but this guy is taking it too far. He makes fun of me in front of my crush (this is what bothers me the most), my friends, everybody. It is just so irritating. I don't know what wrong have I done to him! What the hell is his problem? I didn't even know his name till last week! What might be the problem with this guy? Please help! Thanks a lot in advance! <3

Hi Liana!

Let me just start off by saying I'm really sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  I have been on vacation for the past two weeks so I've been super busy (big family reunion, lots of teary hellos and goodbyes!)

It really sounds like your guy A is just trying to look cool.  Unfortunately that's kind of the trend in high school- often someone will come in and either try to climb their way to the top of the social hierarchy by mocking and making fun of those around them (humor at other peoples' expense).  It's by no means the only way to be popular, but it is an easy way to do so.

Just ignore him.  There's not really a lot you can do unless you want to join in on the childish games.  If it gets too bad you can always talk to a teacher, but often snitching on someone just makes things worse.  Just leave it be for a little while and it should get better.  Remember, high school is just a phase and no matter how bad it gets, it's only for a short period of your life!

Best of luck,

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