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So im this guy ..
Wich guy you might ask, well thats something i cant answer.Its not that  i dont want to answer itís that i dont know wich one i am eather.
Confused .. yes i am.
How the hell do i know .. im confused about everything ,im confused if i wanna keep movin with school.
Am I really born to become an architect ,till now i dont feel like it.
iíve been failing the hardest exams (mathematics and architetural material)but i passed in Desing and studio (wich i think are the most important in architecture school but thats not what my Dean thinks ) ,and  there is nothing that motivates me to keep studying ,Its like when i study i die ,as the word says stuĒDYINGĒ.
And iím not the one that gets mad when they fail an exam as most of my friends do.. its not that i care if i fail its that my parents  seem to feel bad about it. Iíve told em to not care that much about my exams in the end its my life .. right...

But nope they have to know everything .
So at this point im under a great pressure ..everyone expects from me to finish all the exams mean while im failing to do so ... and that sucks ..

So im  asking for help what should i do .. study more ?
Cuz i feel like it doesnt matter how hard im still gonna fail!


Hey Shpend,

Sorry about the delay in answering, but it's the holidays here and I haven't been at home very much.

Honestly, to be an architect, you need to pass high level Math and other technical material.  A good segment of it is design, but architecture firms need to make sure that their architects known engineering so that their buildings don't just fall down.  So you need to decide if you really want to be an architect or not.  There's no shame in choosing a different career path, you just need to decide what you want to do.

That being said, studying is very important.  Many people can still achieve great things without doing well on their exams, but the majority who fail exams have a much tougher time getting a job, making money, etc.  The world is just too competitive nowadays, and high exam scores are one way to set you apart from the others.

I recommend sticking to your strengths.  You said things like Design and Studio appeal to you, yes?  Focus on what you find interesting, and also on what you are good at, and you'll find the studying becomes much more pleasurable.  I began university as a Math major, but switched into history in my third year.  I had a miserable time while taking all of my Math classes, because I simply wasn't interested in it.  Once I changed, the studying became much more enjoyable and I did much better because of it.

Best of luck!

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