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Briefly I have started highschool recently and now I feel that while everyone has fit into their own categories, I'm the lone wolf. Whenever I talk to someone or try to make friends I feel like an unwanted presence, and it takes a toll on me especially whenever I'm in a class that requires a partner. Are there any tips for making friends or conversation starters, etc? I just feel really lonely and isolated right now.

Hi Tiffany,

Don't worry, starting high school can often bring up those kind of feelings. I bet more people than you realize actually feel the same way you do. Because my parents had jobs that required a lot of travelling I ended up switching high school three times, so I often found myself in the same boat. I always found that the best thing is to just try and stay positive, and project friendliness to those around you. Then all you need to do is wait. Eventually people get over you being new and everyone becomes more comfortable with each other. As long as you're friendly and don't try too hard to show off, people will like you. Don't worry, just hang in there!

Hope this helps.

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