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I'm currently a sophomore in high school and in one of my classes there's this one kid, 18, who won't leave me alone. He sits at my table and one day he was like ''I'm gonna sit by you'' at first he was really nice and I did not mind. Ever since that day he's been sitting by me everyday. One day I was with my friend, and he kept butting in this conversation making really snarky comments about her family, and the guy she was dating. Once I saw that side of him I tried to make distance. I started to put my backpack by the seat next to me, and I think he noticed what that meant. The first few times he didn't come sit by me, but then a few days ago he came in and sat by the sit that was next to my chair. Then today he came in a little late, and he walked to my side of the table, took my backpack and chucked my backpack on the floor saying ''I'm gonna sit here today'' and I was just like okay...I turned my face the entire time, and ignored every comment he made. I look very irritated and tried to hint him in every way possible that I was annoyed, but I don't think he cares at all. While he was sitting by me he kept putting his phone on top of my phone and I looked at him and he had a serious look on his face. He also had his binders on mine. I don't know what to do, and I don't understand his intentions which is really bothering me. I am getting kind of scared at this point, and really just want some personal space. I feel like he thinks he has some type of power over me, and therefor doesn't take me seriously. What do I do?

Hi Nicole,

No one should have to put up with that ever. If I were you I would quietly talk to the teacher after class and ask them to talk to him. It doesn't need to be a big scene or anything, but just ask if the teacher could quietly speak with him after class or something.

If you think that you can handle it yourself then you could also try talking to him first. Tell him that you feel uncomfortable and ask that he stop. But if you actually feel threatened you should definitely tell the teacher. There's a good chance he doesn't realize how threatened you feel, but it's still unacceptable nonetheless.

Hope this helps.


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