What happens to the head/body of an immortal once they are beheaded?

I know about the quickening. But what physically happens to the corpse that is left?

Does the head/body disappear or does the other immortal bury them? Something has to be happening after being beheaded, otherwise, there would be all these body parts found all over the world after the battles.

In Season 1, Episode 4 (Innocent Man)...Sgt. Powell (Detective) mentions having found a couple of beheaded bodies in Seacouver (the fictitious city in Washington where the Highlander takes place).  And in a later season I remember another cop mentioning the unexplained headless bodies that keep turning up from time to time.  So it seems that they just get left behind after the victor recovers from the Quickening and leaves.  In a few cases, Duncan buries the body of the person he has beheaded.  Now whether or not that is because of his moral code or just to hide the body I don't know.  

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