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Do you have any recommendations regarding hikes in the northern NJ area?  Based on what I've read I was thinking about the Bearford Ridge area.

Almost all of what is available for northern NJ hikes is day hikes -- unless you're on the Appalachian Trail or hiking the Kittattinny Ridge, there's no camping permitted on the trails. That said, you can find some great day hikes in the trails that are available. You mention the Bearfort Ridge -- I've hiked through that area a number of times, and it's a really great place with outstanding hikes. You'll hike past one or two lovely glacial ponds, and along a ridge with a number of great views. Also in that area is the Wawayanda State Park. Other than the AT, the trails there aren't particularly rugged, but you stand a good chance of seeing some intersting wildlife. I've seen a number of bears up there, and once hiked past a large flock of wild turkeys. There's also some interesting history around there -- some old iron mines dating to the Revolutionary War period.

You can also find some great hiking on the NJ extension of some trails that connect up with the Sterling Forest State Park in NY. Again, great views, and an active fire tower along one of the ridges. I've also done some great hikes in Norvin Green State Forest off of Glenwild Avenue north of Butler -- a number of hills up there with great views. And there a some very pleasant hikes in Ramapo State Forest as well.

All of thes trails are on the North Jersey Trails map set, available from the NY-NJ Trail Conference. Get your hands on the set and examine it for yourself -- I'm su you'll find great hikes in addition to the ones I've described!


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