I have the opportunity to purchase either the kelty red cloud 6650, kelty red cloud 5400, or the osprey talon 44.  All these packs have been used slightly but are in excellent condition.  I also have the opportunity to purchase the north face terra 65 brand new.  All these packs are available for purchase around $100.  I am looking for a quality pack that can handle on average 3-4 day hikes with all the necessary gear.  There is always the possibility that I might  try week long trip one day but 3 days is about all I can get off for now.  Which pack would you recommend based on quality, durability and storage?

The best way to decide is to try the packs on, fully loaded, and walk around with them for a bit. Wear your hiking shoes when you do this.

In terms of size, you could make the Keltys and the North Face work pretty easily, but you might find the Osprey to be a bit small. Again, best to try it with a bunch of stuff sacks representing your gear, food and water. Generally you want the smallest pack that can carry all of what you'll need.


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