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Hiking/Backpacking/Camping/Stealth camping near Lake Wanoksink in Harrinam SP


I would like to ask if you can recommend any tent sites for stealth camping at Lake Wakonsink that can accomodate 2 tents. Preferably it should be in a more secluded area. I'm familiar with park rules and have camped at Pine Meadows Lake and Lake Skenonto before. I love those two places, but want to check out Lake Wanoksink this time.
Thank you.

If you've camped at Pine Meadow Lake, then you probably have a more than passing familiarity with the area. Lake Wanoksink is accessible via a number unmarked trails and woods roads, most of which start near the northwest corner of Pine Meadow Lake. I have never camped at Wanoksink, but I've hiked through the area a number of times and seen a few flat areas that could be used as tent sites. My recommendation is that you day hike and scout the area before your planned overnight, and identify a few good sites. That way, when you actually backpack in, you'll have a couple of alternatives.


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