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Hi Chris,

I was thinking of buying a Shell pant like Velum pants for use during trekking in Himalayas. Now I understand that shell pants are ideally trekking pants which are water resistant however I am not sure if its just an outer pant like a rain wear?

Currently I use a normal cotton track pants while trekking so if I use a shell pant do I need to wear the it over something like a track pant or can I just wear the shell pant directly over under garment without any discomfort.

Presume you got my point

thanks in advance

Its been a while since I've bought shell pants and even longer since I was trekking in the Himalayas but from memory it was too hot to wear 2 layers.  However this will depend on how high you're going, what season you're trekking in and what accommodation you're using.  Based on my experience I'd go for breathability over waterproofness for trekking between the villages or you might end up being as damp from sweat.  


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