Do they make tents that are nearly pitch black inside? Particularly that are more retangular like a canopy? I am looking for something roomy that could be used for watching movies with an intimate group.


I don't know if there is going to be a great solution without having something made special.  Most moderne tents are made of lighter colors so they will be bright and cheery inside (helps keep you sane on long trips or if you are stuck inside the tent for extended periods - like a supper rainy day).

I'm going to make assumption that this will either be used while car camping or used in the back yard.  If that is the case and weight is not a concern then I have a few suggestions.  You could go two ways.  First suggestion -  they do make a black canopy shelter. I'm not sure if it is black inside, but it's black on the outside so that should cut down on the light.  Second suggestion you could go with a larger car camping tent (6-8 person).  It will not be as dark during the day as the black canopy, but at night they should be pretty close in interior darkness.  I have attached links below to examples of each.  All three examples are 10' x 10', that is about as large as you are going to get without having a custom tent made.  

Black Canopy Tent 100 sqft (probably the best choice for movies)


Two other large car camping tents (both of these are 100 sqft)




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