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Hindi/translation please


QUESTION: could you please translate "believe in yourself" and "be you" to the devanagari script for me?
I would like the english words in the script and the hindi words for them in the script.

hoping you can help me

Anouk Translations
Anouk Translations  

Thanks for the question and also for taking interest in Hindi.
I am herewith attaching a JPEG file titled "Anouk Translations .jpg"
which has both the English phrases written in Devanagari alphabet.
Hope you like it.

In case you have any doubts, feel free to post a follow up to this reply.

Wishing you loads of luck, peace and happiness from myself and everyone here
in India.

Warm Regards

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thank you for answering my first question so quickly.
Could you be so kind to tell me what the phrases "believe in yourself" and "be you" would look like in hindi words?
as in Strength = Shakti, believe in yourself = ... ?

Kind Regards,

ANSWER: Hello Anouk

Hindi is a phonetic language which means words are written in the
manner in which they are spoken, so pronunciation should be easy for you.
Also, hindi has every sound that can be found in any language on earth.
It has english T (as in Toast), French T (as in Tu) etc.

Shakti is pronounced Shuck (rhyming with Chuck)+ Tee (French T as in Tante)

Believe in Yourself = Khud par vishvaas rakkho

Khud = Yourself (The D in Khud is French D as in Deux)
Par = In
Vishvaas = Belief, Faith (believe in this case)
Rakkho = To Keep (implying keep faith in yourself here)

Be You = Jaise ho, waise raho (literally means be as you are)

Hope it helps :)

It still remember learning dutch ins school. The pass percentage in Dutch was 2-3 percent
with majority of the students failing :P Most confusing was "De", it sometimes became singular The (de peer) and sometimes plural The (de peren). Fortunately in hindi, there is
no THE :D


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

words scripted correctly?
words scripted correct  
QUESTION: Hello Sambodh,

Thank you for your explanations :)
One last question regarding this subject. I'm planning to use it on a small art project and am trying to decide which sentence to write under it, to finish it.

I found they should look like this if I change the hindi words into devanagari script, please see the attached image .. are these correct?

thank you for your kindness :)

Warm regards,

It's not entirely correct Anouk. Just mail me the
exact line you wish to translate in Devanagari Script
and I'll mail you back the lines as a JPEG attachment.

my email id is :

Feel free to finish off the project with any line
in English and I'll translate it for you in Hindi
with the pronunciations of those hindi words



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