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Baabji TVK wrote at 2011-02-21 14:46:34
dear friend for each and every details of viswakarma, keep watching the web site, for any details, feel free to mail  

Mathan wrote at 2012-11-20 05:45:39
Hi, dis s mathan from coimbatore distrct carpenter family, m dng my MBA.  Today our people in everywhr in a good position, but the thing s we forget to follow our ancient comnty culture. We were not folowd our architech work, and vegetarian habt, nd follwng f vedas. So, its cause the main reasn fr getng backd n d socity. Hav u knw that we were in oldn days to mange d whole temple and devote pooja,s n the temple also. And if our ancient work has been flwd to till now, we are big giant in retail archtct selng sector. We r stil hvng good popularty but pple neglecteed it. Thank u.


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Especially religious history of India. I follow 'advaita' philosophy (non-duality) and am an atheist. My answers would be consistent with science and practicality.


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