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Gajanan P. Tarikar wrote at 2015-03-22 15:00:59
Dear Sir,  Gabit:  Galbat is a urdu word meaning a big ship. Gabri was the name of a ship.  Those who worked on the ship Gabri were called Gabrits (Gabit).  The Gabits are said to have come from goa and ratnagiri of Maharastra in 17th Century during Shivaji's Period.  They are chiefly found in Karwar, Ankola and Kumta and also in Honnavar Taluks of Karnataka.  Their cluster of houses are called Gabitwada at Karwar and Kumta.  Gabits are traditionally bold and expert sailors with deep sea knowledge.  they are also catcher of fishes and are experts in modern sea fishery methods.  Many of them own fishing boats and trading crafts.  some of them have taken up agriculture also.  their mother tongue is malvani konkani. their dieties are Bhavani, rameshwara, santeri, kamakshi, parvati and ravalnath.  they go to Pandharpur on pilgrimage. they have peculiar folk dance called pugadi. brahmanas are invited to officiate as priests in religious ceremonies. widow marriage is rare. divorce is not prevalent amoung them. the dead are either buried or cremated..... (according to Karnataka state Gazetter.)


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