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Hindus/Jaiswal community, MP


Varinder S Jaswal wrote at 2012-10-11 20:38:43
Jaswal's do not belong to any territory in Pakistan. Rather they belong to a place called Jaswan in Himachal Pradesh.

Arth Malviya Jaiswal wrote at 2015-05-10 14:10:06
The Malviya or Malaviya ( Hindi: मालवीय) ,jaiswal,chouksey,rai,shivare are

a Brahmin sub-caste found in the states of

Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in India.

The word Malviya literally means those from

Malwa in Central India. They are a branch of

the Panch Gauda Brahmins . Traditionally, they

are said to be divided into thirteen and a half

gotras , these being Bharadwaj, Chaube

Parasara, Angiras Chaube, Bhargava Chaube

and Dube. All these gotras are Rigvedis. While

the Sandilya, Kasapa Chaube, Tivari and Kauta

Dube are Yajurvedi. The remaining gotras, the

Vats, Vyas, Gautam, Lohita Tivari and

Kaundinya are Samavedis. In Uttar Pradesh,

they are found throughout the state and speak

Hindi . Their customs are similar to

neighbouring Brahmin communities such as

the Kanyakubja Brahmins .

In Madhya Pradesh, the Malviya caste is found

mainly in Hoshangabad and Betul districts.

According to their traditions, they were invited

to settle in Malwa by the Gond kings of Kherla.

As such, they are said to be the earliest

settlers in the Narbada river valley. Most

Malviya, in addition to their traditional

occupation are cultivators.


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