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remyremz wrote at 2015-10-29 11:45:23
hi pramod,

don't confuse your self between god and religion because no god created any religion. tell to your family members the below

1."when jesus is in Hindu sanskrit mantras then why they have changed their religion?

2.changing your religion is equal to changing your father.

3.God is true but religions are misleading us for their existence.

4.example: air has no form but you fill it in anything it takes that form but is that the shape/weight/colour of AIR?

5.if you observe religion is a EGO which will never and which can never show you the GOD it makes you to satisfy your EGO by criticising the other religion.

6."jesus is not a christian,Mohammed is not a muslim, and Lord Rama is not a Hindu"

7.all the religions are rivers which finally  lead to sea. taste/colour of river water may differ from river to river but finally the sea water is salty, in the same way all the religions are meant for to lead to the almighty but unfortunately now a days there are no rivers but just stagnated dirty water which can never see the sea.  

Johnson wrote at 2016-03-20 00:15:46
Your question was " Is these meanings are true? " the answer is Yes they are true. All these prayers are to Jesus Christ, the Prajapathi in Rig Veda. I hope you also know the prayer "Asathoma Satgamaya...... " Jesus is the only one who answered to this prayer. He said, I am the truth,and  I am the light of the world , and I am the Life (John 14:6)




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