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Brahman is God.

God is an essence of Love and Goodness present everywhere in the universe."God is the breath inside the breath.''Writes Kabir.

Our souls are droplets of Such Khand(a golden ocean made up of Brahman),therefore we are god. As we are souls and the soul is apart of God. We just don't know because we have been separated from Such Khand and put in this fake Maya(illusion)of life and death. During the human life though we can reunite with Brahman and escape this maya(achieve Enlightenment/Moksha.) The purpose of our human life,is to do this. This is not possible without the blessing of a living Satguru(Enlightened Master.)

Sant Mat is the path dedicated towards this topic.  


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Life is a mystery. One who tries to understand life purely on logic and reason fails as there is an Omnipresent Spirit that connects all. I have written more than 400 articles and papers on various forums dealing with life. The purpose of life is to know the world and its mysery. We must know the mind of God and that is the only way to become one with God and achieve salvation, liberation or Nirvana. I have authored a book titled "Practising Spiritual Intelligence for Innovation, Leadership and Happiness" which is one of the most popular books in India in several categories. You can read my articles, stories, commentaries and poems on www.scienceofsoul.com


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