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Hindus/Astral projection


SueB wrote at 2014-12-01 20:03:29
To those who do not believe in astral projection, let me assure you it exists, trying to do it at will rarely easy,but not impossible. My first experience of AP or OOBE, was as a small child, I was ill with a fever, I felt myself levitate up to the ceiling, facing upwards I felt an overwhelming need to escape through it. but could not find way out,it was a very unpleasant experience, and terrifying for a child who knows nothing about this. Finally, probably minutes later, my physical body pulled me back down, I assumed it was not my time to set my soul free to meet-----whatever. I have tried to repeat a controlled AT, to be at places or people I love,only managed to a couple of times, seem to revisit better in dream form-----not quite the same however vivid images are.It is important to make sure you will not be disturbed while trying to AP, as a sudden unexpected return to the physical body is bad for the heart, like waking a sleep walker, hope this helpsxx


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