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Hindus/Inter cast or Inter religion Marriages in Gita and their child


Sir  in the  first chapter of Gita the communication between God Shiva and Parvati was like "the child who born from the inter cast marriages would be called " Varna Shankar". So how can we take this thing in our today's life. Is inter cast marriages or inter-religion marriages are actually sin according to Gita. Please clarify  it.

Dear Dr Rathore,

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE to ANY MARRIAGE whether inter-caste or otherwise in Gita. Secondly God Shiva and Parvati also do not figure in Gita. Kindly let me know the verse number in the Chapter 1 which is supposed to say these things.

Gita neither advocates nor prevents inter-caste or inter-religious marriages. Gita teaches people  on how to live life happily. Those who master Gita can do inter-caste or inter-religious marriage and live happily ever after. Those who do not understand the message of the Gita can not avoid suffering even if they are married within the caste/religion.

Inter-caste or inter-religion marriage is NOT A SIN per se. Any act which causes hurt to others is a sin. Preventing a couple from getting married (quoting gita) is a sin because it causes them mental suffering.

Thanks for asking this important question to me. If you need more clarifications please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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