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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
If I have to practice self enquiry or meditation or prayer, is it the mind or Atman that initiates to action?

(My doubt is to understand the role  or demaraction between Atman and Mind in all our actions )
Thanking you


Atman is changeless. It can not do any action.Nor it can cause any action even indirectly. Therefore, only mind can do or initiate any action. However, all actions can happen ONLY in the presence of Atman.

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Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Sir for your kind clarification.I have the following doubts
1) Can the mind be quantified?
2 )If the mind is disturbed for any reason, what percentage of mind is affected.

Dear TRV,

Manas (mind), Bhuddi (intelligence), Chittham (memory) and Agankaram (ego) are the four components of our Internal Organ (MIND). We use the word mind to refer both the whole and one part.

MIND (Internal Organ) is a set of thoughts. Lots of thoughts bigger the mind. No thoughts No mind.

Only Manas (mind) can be disturbed. It ALWAYS gets 100% affected when disturbed. However, the other three components are not easily get affected. Therefore a disturbed manas recovers with the help of the other three after some time. How long depends on how deeply one is attached to the object that caused disturbance in the first place.

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Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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