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Before writing to you I was not sure whether I should ask you this question or not, but as per my previous question I decided to ask you.I apologies in advance if it may sound you some psychic but I wanted to know and find a solution. This is about my spouse's brother. Sir he is very much attached to his grandmother and its bee quite a year she died. But after approximately 1 year of her death he started some weird behavioral. Whenever he sleeps he sleeps keeps her photo besides. Sometimes he just lie down with her photo on the bed. Whenever he comes from office he takes her photo and go to other room and start talking with her.He shares all his anger and emotions with her photo, and if we come infront of him in the mean time of this activity he just stops. I dont understand why he does this. It is just attachment or some other things. Its not that his family didnt oppose this they tried but they failed . They thought with time it will go but it didn't go.Whenever his family tell him to stop him wither he dont listen or get angry. He say that she is his life and whatever he is doing he is doing for her only. I know these kind of person exists, but he is not older he is just 27 and an MBA grad. Sir, I have never met this kind of person. An MBA grad has positive attitude , broad mind and good ethics and never criticize without any reason.But he is total opposite. Sir losing your loving ones is difficult I know but bearing this kind of behavior is good. I mean I know its his life.He sleeps for 18 hours if he doesn't have any work and lazy, he smokes a lot and say cant quit. In fact he used to take grass and when his brother caught him a big scene created. Sir his parents sometimes worried a lot. Please help. If need any psychiatric help.

ANSWER: Dear Sweta,

I agree, this is abnormal behaviour. Your brother-in-law needs psychiatric treatment. What do you mean by grass? Marijuana? He probably picked up the habit with his friends in college. He needs to stop the use of any psychedelic material. I do not know where you live and whether such psychiatric help is available in your city or not. It it is not available in your city, then he needs to go to the place where such help is available. If I say more than that, that will be an infringement of the psychiatrist's space. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes Sir, grass means marijuana . Sir psychiatric help are available in our city but we cant take him to there as he gets angry and start saying rude words ,as I already said his parents also tried. Sir his parents health is also not good. His mother has high BP problem and we are worried if it gets worst. thanks for your answer sir as i was not sure myself whether it is any abnormal behavioral or he is still could not get over his loss. I will surely suggest my parents-in-law about this.

Dear Sweta,

Going to a psychiatrist does not mean that he has gone mad. It only means that he has a social problem which he cannot cope up with or resolve it. A psychiatrist would help him to do that. Ultimately, it is he himself, who would solve the problem. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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