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Dear sir,

I'm a Hindu woman with deep respect for all religions. For last two years I studied bible with Jehovah's witnesses and they try to make me believe that all religions ( even the catholic and other Christian sects) are false and is a result of Babylon the great. But somehow I find many scriptures are in resemblance to Gita, and if geeta was written earlier, bible can have excerpts of Gita and not the vice versa.

As a result  I 'm confused as what is true, following a particular religion or following the truth? Because I like Jehovah's witnesses display of strict adherence to bible principles in their day to day, but I love to worship Ganesha and all other Hindu gods and follow Hindu practices.

Please help.

Dear Sharmila,

ALL religions reveal the same truth. The way the truth is conveyed varies.

If you are not sufficiently qualified then it is ok to follow any religion because all religions are correct. You can choose the one which is followed by your family and stick to that to the exclusion of all.

If you are qualified then you need to study any one religious scripture IN DEPTH and understand the truth as revealed in them. To do this you will need a teacher.

In either case, do not attempt to compare the religions.  

I need more info about your age, educational qualifications, occupation and family status to guide you. You may ask a private question so that your personal information remains confidential.

Thanks for asking this question to me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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