Gaurav wrote at 2012-11-26 09:27:35
Firstly Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life and so there is no conversion or reconversion in it. It is progressive and not stagnant. As such, it accepts any/all view(s) which lead(s) to god. Further, Hindus are tolerant of all cultures, societies, etc. and so live in harmony with even with divergent views.

However, at least some of the original authoritative texts of hinduism; viz. Upanishads, Vedas, etc., have become corrupted over time.

For eg., Mahabharat as written by sage Vyas had about 8,000 verses (I'm not sure on this figure). But more verses were added by his disciples/students and still more were added thereafter. It is said that right now, mahabharat has about 100,000 verses (again I am not sure on the figure; the number may be even higher or lesser). So you will find people quoting from Mahabharat, the verses which were not part of the original Mahabharat written by Vyas.

Similarly, some scholars say that Vedas were against idol worship and quote verses from the Vedas which were not even part of it or just misquote it. Remember the complete set of Vedas does not exist now and probably is lost.

Further, since independence of India, the Government of India has compiled various laws pertaining to Hindus such as Hindu Marriage Act, etc. This may or may not be in conformity with hindu principles.

Then there is Tantra. These are to be considered Vedas in present age. I can go on and on!


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