Has Hinduism changed? and if so or not 3 examples.

Hi Ashley

Hinduism is not an organised and closely net religious entity, unlike Christianity.  Besides there are innumerable Gods and Goddesses that we worship.  Above all, followers of one deity or religious sect are not necessarily in communication with another, locally or globally. Given this situation, it is difficult to map out the changes in certain terms. yet once can reflect and share ones thoughts:

Worlds sole Hindu state, "Nepal" is no longer a monarchy, after the communists took control of the country as as a republic. Worlds largest Hindu population live in India, which is a secular country.

In response to your query, I have the following to share:

- There is a recent mixing of religion and politics as far as India is concerned and Hinduism can be seen in that perspective.

- In consumer oriented world, inclination to religion is getting reduced, its true for Hinduism as well.

- Hinduism is increasingly being individual sect centric and being controlled and dictated by its promoting saint.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain


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