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Hindus/Journey of atma


Is there anything that can be done by the daughter to ease  the atmans journey??. ( for her mother who passed way two months ago)

Does the journey take a year and does it come to the place where the mortal body lived?.

Dear Swati,

Vedas are divided into two parts. The first part (Karma Kanda) talks about what YOU HAVE TO DO and the second part (Vedanta) talks about WHAT YOU HAVE TO KNOW. You have an option to choose which part you want to follow. It depends on your level of intelligence. If you are capable of questioning then you should IGNORE the first part and move on to second part. If you are not you should follow the first part without asking ANY QUESTIONS.

Rituals that are to be performed for the sake of the dead, comes under the first part. You need to follow the advice of your family priest (If you do not have a family priest, consult the temple priest) in this matters. Do not ask him why/what/how etc. Simply do what he says and pay him for his services.

I am not an expert in the initial part of the Vedas. So I am unable to answer your question. I am sorry. But I can answer your question from the perspective of the Vedanta IF you are qualified for it.

If you think that you are qualified for the second part, then write your age/educational qualification to me (mark the question as PRIVATE) and I will then answer you.

Thanks for asking this question to me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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