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How do distinguish the Conscious mind and the unconscious mind?
When we say the mind is disturbed which component of the mind is referred to?

Dear TRV,

When we see a particular object, the conscious mind is acting and observing that object. There are many objects/events that happen around the object which are also registered in the mind unconsciously. The better word for 'unconscious' is 'subconscious'.

Whatever we remember and recall easily is part of conscious mind. Whatever is available in the mind but not easily available for recalling is part of subconscious mind.

Under hypnotic state, what is available in subconscious mind can be recalled.

When we say mind is disturbed if we know the cause of the disturbance, then it is conscious part of the mind. Sometime, we will be upset for no apparent reason. This is the disturbance is in subconscious mind.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications, please do ask.

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