Dear Sir,

I am sure u are going wrong on eighty's too much & such a stage no body wants to change whether he is write or wrong(bad stage),he can't switch over is experience or whatever he got he doesn't matter it is wrong for him he is always right at eighty's.  you say you don't believe on Existence of Atman and God.
you are student of those misguide Rishi's who have not experience of Atman or God.They make their own understanding, rules and regulation for living.
you are a follower of them, you have waste your life time in a misguide theory's.
I am saying this is because, I have received sign of God ( i heard Omkar).
and feel nakedly Atman presence in Body.
If u going to body mind complex and saying Atman is nothing but it is then you are write either my dear sir you are misguide and totally wrong,and i am sure whatever it be you are a Moksha person.
Please Give some light.Please Please.....Please....
Thanks for given time.

Dear Vineet,

I have clearly mentioned in my profile that I am an atheist and I have my own understanding of 'advaita' (no other). If my views do not match with yours, it is no problem. Hinduism allows us to have our personal views (matas). With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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Especially religious history of India. I follow 'advaita' philosophy (non-duality) and am an atheist. My answers would be consistent with science and practicality.


Explaining Hinduism for about 8 years.


Science graduate. Extensive studies of hindu scriptures.

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