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Hindus/Past life regression and how to cure it


I have been facing problems since my childhood.Every person has been very mean to me and even my relatives alienate me.No one accepts me and constantly humiliates me.Everyone treats me like a object to mock and make fool of.No one respects or cares.I do not know what to do.I really want to know if I have done anything wrong in my past life due to which I face such situations.
Believe me,,I have only been nice and kind and polite with people and still they treat me like a non existent person.
This is my date of birth :26 January 1991.

ANSWER: Let us not bother about the past life since there is nothing that we can do to change anything of the past life. Let us focus on this life itself.
The first lesson is "we do not see the world as it is but we see the world as we are." So we you feel that the people does not like you it is because you do not like the people. The world shall love you when you shall love the world. Even though it seems from your question that you are trying to maintain a kind and polite behaviour to others but that seems to be quite artificial since you so not like the people or rather hate them.

Remember the key to like people is to learn to appreciate the goodness in others and evil in the self. Both these actions require tremendous effort and practice. When we can see the evil within, we can take step to remove it and make us pure which cleans our conscious and enables us to see the truth. When we see goodness in others and genuinely appreciate people for their goodness, other people too see goodness in us. Gradually our life would become full of love and peace.

Please have patience and start practicing what I said above. It shall definitely change you and hence your world. God shall help you in your endevour.

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 I have never hated anyone. Be so kind to tell me,that when a child is just exposed to the outside world,how will he hate or love someone without a reason.I have always respected and loved others ,but havent got that.I do not know why,And since you do not tell me about past life can I please ask you how to make my next life better.
I will be a better person.But I need to make my next life better.

I think you must focus on the present life rather than bothering about the past or future life. If your present life becomes good that future shall take care of itself.

You may say that you have not hated anyone but hatred is not merely an action but also an emotion. If you have loved others, you would have happiness in this life and may not bother about future life. I wish you all the best.


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