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Hindus/26 dead -- why?


I understand the Hindu idea that karma -- our actions good and bad -- determine what happens to us in this life and the next.  But when it comes to the death of 20 6-7 year old children, as it did in Connecticut U.S. on Friday,do Hindus really believe that it must have been something they did albeit in a previous life) that has caused their death now?

Dear Jane

I can understand your emotion and its linkage to the query.

According to Hindu Religion, children share the goodwills as well as sins of their parents and also  suffer due their parents' Karma (deeds). There is a continuity of life cycle. Even the Deeds of previous life is carried forward to the next life. We become responsible for our actions in the past life, and current life. We also suffer as well as live good life depending on our deeds.

In the larger context, our deeds as a Society or  nation on others come back to haunt us, current and future generations. We all as a nation, society, community and individuals are going to remain responsible for the actions on and sufferings of the children and the people in general in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. A peaceful society and even handedness remain the cornerstone of good deed of individuals, community, Society and the nation.

Look at the ending of the leadership of Iraq, Libya, etc that inflicted so much harm to its own people and the way they suffered in their own life time.

Our children  and the society in general pay the price of our evolving gun culture and mighty fire power of the so called  powerful individuals and Society.

The helpless children and people who lose their life for no fault of their own, are seen to have an incomplete life. However, their souls may become dearer to God and take rebirth or go to heaven  for eternal peace of their soul.

In brief, according to Hindu religion, we suffer due to actions of our parents (and community/nation and its leadership), our past life and our current life. Incomplete life does indicate poor soul. One may take rebirth to lead a more pious and happier life.


Note: The above views are my personal and in no way attempts to hurt anyone's sentiments - personal, religious or national. This is just an expression of thought.


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