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dear sir/madam
         Can you please explain the concept of black hole as per HINDU mythology?  i.e. what  are black holes as per hinduism.

Dear Bhavesh,

in 'Advaita Hinduism', this question is very simply answered. What ever the humans perceive and generally take as truth is 'maya', an illusion. The truth is different. What to talk of black-holes even the earth and all it contains is 'maya'.

'Maya' is created by 'Brahman', It is inseparable from 'Brahman' like heat is from fire. Our books repeatedly say that the only entity in the universe is 'Brahman'. They said - 'Eko Sad, Dwiteeyo Nasti' (what exists is one, there is no second) or 'Sarve khalu Idam Brahma' (all things here are Brahman).

My grandfather, who was a 'smritikara' (writer of smriti) said in his book 'Vishweshwara S,riti':
"Agocharam Brahma matam munibhistattvadarshibhih,
vaigyanikairmata shaktirmayeti parigrihyitam." (V.S. 1.23)

(The sages who know truth say that Brahman is beyond understanding,
What scientists take as energy, take that as maya.)

So, black-holes, galaxies, supernovas, nutron stars, red giants, dark matter, dark energy, cosmic rays, nutrinos, and even Higgs Boson, all of them are 'maya' created by presence of Brahman. Maya is great, Kabir said he knew it to be very deceptive.

"Maya bari thagini hum jani".

With best regards,

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