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sir,in gita a important lesson is detachment and not expecting fruits of our action.Then we see people like actors,cricketers,professors,scientists,doctors very busy in their work.I mean they eat,sleep,talk about their profession.its their life.they attain highest position in it.Then how message of gita can be applied here or it it the spirituality itself?


Following the message of Gita is OPTIONAL. Most people in the world do not know about gita nor about detachment. It is fine. No where in Gita, Lord Krishna says 'you should do this'. At end of the Gita after giving all the adivices to Arjuna he says 'Now you are free to do what you want'. He did not say fight the war! Such is the glory of Vedas/Gita. There is no compulsion at all.

ONLY if an individual WANTS TO SOLVE a problem, solution is offered by Vedas/Gita. So the people you mentioned may not yet feel that they are suffering. So only when they start suffering they will turn towards spirituality. Vedas/Gita are willing to wait till then.

Also please note Gita is not giving guidance on how to become famous or reach the highest position in any field. So Gita is absolutely NOT REQUIRED for the purpose of reaching the top posiiton in any field. In fact, studying Gita may even slow down your progress in your profession. So one should be cautious before commencing the study of Gita OR attempting to follow the advises given in Gita.

Thanks for asking this question to me. If you need more details please do ask a new question.

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