we see people fighting over authenticity of gita,many translate
according to their understanding.How can we then choose correct
meaning of it as learning sanskrit isnt possible for everyone.

Dear Ajay,

Yes, there are multiple versions of Gita but identifying the correct one is easy if remember the following points.

1. NO ONE - even a Sanskrit scholar - can understand Gita WITHOUT the guidance of a teacher.

2. There are many traditions of teachers teaching different meanings for the same Gita verse. Each teacher will select a particular version of Gita according to his tradition.

3. You can choose ANY teacher and learn Gita that is taught by him. You should systematically learn from the teacher starting from Verse No 1 and complete all the 700 verses. After completing then you should validate the teaching according to logic and your experience. If you are in doubt you should seek for clarifications from the teacher.

If you are satisfied with the answers then you have found the right version of Gita. If you are not satisfied then you need to start all over from another teacher.

People are not identical. The level of intelligence, personality and such widely varies. Therefore, it is necessary to have different versions of Gita and different traditions of teachers. Each one can find that version which is suitable.

Prior to starting Gita, one should be clear why it is necessary to study Gita. If it is just for the sake of knowing what Gita says, then it does not matter which version of Gita you study. But if you want to end all your sufferings and live joyfully forever, then you need to check whether this objective is met, after completing the study. And until this goal is met you need to keep studying under various teachers.

The version of Gita, which liberates you from all sufferings is the right version.

Thanks for asking this question and I will be glad to provide you any more clarifications should you require.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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