Sir, self realization or god realization is the goal of life as per our scriptures.Then what about our aim in life like becoming a scientist or a businessman???

Dear Rahul,

Happiness and Comforts are the two goals for all human beings. It is NOT possible to live happily all the time without any trace of suffering WITHOUT studying the scriptures. Self-Realization or God-Realization is NOT a goal. Scriptures suggests self-realization or god-realization as a means to our goal of gaining happiness. By becoming a businessman or scientist it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach this goal.

It is not possible to gain comforts in life by studying scriptures. The ONLY way is to increase the comforts in life is to earn more money, gain more power, aspire for higher position in material life. Therefore, one must study well, work hard and earn name, fame, money etc. Without this, it is not even possible to survive in this world.

Intelligent people will attain BOTH the goals of getting happiness AND comforts by studying both scriptures AND conventional education.

There is one difference in these two goals. Gaining happiness by studying scriptures is the easy part compared to becoming Bill Gates. Any hard working intelligent person can reach the goal of living happily all the time without any trace of suffering within 2-3 years by studying the scriptures under a guru. With regard to the second goal of COMFORTS in life, there is no limit. The more we earn, the more we will require to earn. It is difficult to draw a line between the necessity and luxury. What is luxury today will become necessity tomorrow. So it is a never ending rat race. No harm in trying to get more and more as long as you are clear that happiness will not come out of becoming a scientist or businessman.

So it is better to keep the Happiness as the primary goal and comforts as a secondary goal.

Thanks for asking this interesting question. If you need more clarifications, please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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