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Hindus/plz ans in hindi if will be better to understand.


namashkar.....pls consider my basic questions about different philosophies.
it my look like childish questions but i request u to give ans if possible.
what is shudhdha advait?
wt is the main difference between chatusampraday of vaishnavisam?
what is the four sampraday aims to?
wt is the concept of pustimarg?
what is brahmavaad?
what is mayavaad?
which is the best way of worship?

and sorry for anything wrong word i have used in my considering me a child plz forgive me.

Dear Aditya

I would suggest you to meet some spiritual person or saint at Ramakrishna Mission, Brahmakumarti kendra, Chinamya Mission and any such religious center for seeking guidance and blessing. I am sure there will be one or more such spiritual centers near your place.

Hope you find right guidance.

Best wishes

Dr Garain


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