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Hindus/pride and trusting


QUESTION: Can you state quotations sections, from where it may say anything about pride and trust in the hindu religon?


ANSWER: It all depends on how many you want and what context are you referring to.
However, this is what we have philosophically.

Pride is a fundamental demonic ability as said in Gita 16:4
People trust different persons as per their nature as mentioned in Gita 17:2

By the way, can you elaborate why you want all that?

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QUESTION: For knowoledge.  Do you know if it's in the Ramayan as well, and if you can state where and quotation?

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Roy Sir,

Ravana, the villain of Ramayana was punished for his high pride.

OK. coming to quotes, Ramayana are primarily 2:

Valmiki and Tulasidas

Valmiki Ramayana quotes:


As drops of water fallen on lotus leaves do not get clung to those leaves, so also a friendship does not cling to vulgar ones. (Trust)


Those who speak the truth; do not make their promise futile & fulfilling their pledge is indeed the attribute of the moral amplitude. (Trust)


Even a venerable person is to be punished, if he becomes arrogant, if he does not know good and evil actions and if he takes to a wrong route. (Pride)


He who promises the requesters that have come under his shelter, and especially those that have cooperated earlier, but breaks that promise, and even shatters their hope, he is the worst fellow in the world. (Trust)


The savants have ordained atonement for slayers of cows, for drinkers of liquors, thus for thieves and those who destroy virtues, but no atonement is available to a trust betrayer. (Trust)

Ramcharitmanas Quotes:


"Vande Bodhmayam Nityam Guru Shankar rupinam |
Yamashritohi vakropi chandram sarvatra vandyate ||"

I bow before eternal knowledgeable teacher like Shankara, getting trust in whom even crooked moon became praised everywhere. (Trust)

"Lakhi subesha jaga banchak Jeu |
Besha pratap pujiyahi teu ||
Ugharahi anta na hohi nibahu |
kaalnemi jimi Ravan Rahu ||
kiyehu kubesha sadhu sanmaanu |
jimi jag jambvant hanumanu ||"

(Impostors have good appearance) and hence those who see them are deceived. Owing to their good appearance, they trust them BUT when exposed, they cannot survive. Example: Kaalnemi (Who deceived Hanuman), Raavan (who deceived Ram - Sita), Rahu (who deceived Vishnu). (On the other hand) people like Jambvanta (bear faced) and Hanuman (Monkey) are trusted like sages in this world (owing to their virtues). (Trust)

"Jaanehi aadikavi naam prataapu |
Bhayahu siddha kari ulta jaapu ||"

First poet (Valmiki) trusted GOD's name and became famous after reciting that in reverse. (Trust)

"Nahi kou as janma jag mahi |
Prabhuta Paya jahi mad nahi ||"

Does not become arrogant after getting success, that person is not yet born in this world. (Pride)


"Gyani Tapasa Sur kabi kobid gunaagaar |
Kehi ke lobha vidambana kinhi na ehi sansaaraa ||
Sri mada bakar na kinhi kehi prabhuta badhir na kehi |"

In his world, is there a learned, ascetic, hero, poet, scholar, virtuous man who is not obstructed by greed? Who is not attacked by pride of money and success? (Pride)

"Kaam Krodha Mad Lobha rat grihasakta dukharupa |
Te kimi jaanahi raghupatihi mudha padhe tama kupa ||"

Being entitled to lust, anger, ego and greed; (they) are attached to home, which gives worries. How can they know GOD (Lord of Raghu)? Those fools are in well of darkness. (Pride)


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