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respected sir, am a engineer by profession.Am from a typical hindu family who believes in rituals and seremonies.
But i didn't, so i started stdying hinduism and finally came across advaita vedanta .I believe in advaita vedanta .
i want to know how can i utilise that knowledge in our daily life.
i am totally confused with terms like karma,moksha,heaven,atman,enlightenment,n all
as a common man what should i do??
doing best use of my abilities i.e engineering ,as lord krishna said "follow you dharma" is the best way??
can u please guide me..regards

Dear Aaryan,

Sure, follow your dharma without considering the results is the best way in life, as Lord Krishna has said. He was a great advaitist. But do not take your advaita to extremes. Be practical. Lord Krishna was also a very practical person. This is because we exist in what Sankaracharya called the 'Vyavaharika' (pragmatic) reality. We have to act according to its rule. Even Sankaracharya had to run when a mad elephant was following him. In the 'Paramarthika' (absolute) reality only Brahman exists and not humans and animals. The rest is easy:

Karma: You reap what you sow, physically or psychologically.
Moksha/Enlightenment: Understanding the way of the world.
Heaven and hell: Imaginary. Who can reward or punish Brahman, and that is what we are. Sure in Vyavaharika, society may punish us.
Atman: means self (and not some grand Self). As I have said, we exist in Vyavaharika, we do not exist in Paramarthika. There only Brahman exists. And what is Brahman, perhaps it is 'physical energy'. Try to define it. We do not yet know all the mysteries of 'physical energy'. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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