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Respected Sir,

Are the three gunas  exclusive to Human  beings (Jivas) only  or is it associated with other living and inert creations  also?
If so, how do inert beings exhibit the gunas?

Dear TRV,

The whole universe is made up of the three gunas. So human beings, other living beings AND inert objects are made up of the three gunas. But the ratio in which the three are mixed varies.

Inert Objects are Matter Dominant (Tamas) and they reflect only the IS ness (SAT) aspect of Brahaman.

Other living beings are Energy Dominant (Rajas) and they reflect not only the ISness but also the consciousness (SAT) aspect of Brahaman.

Human beings alone are Aura Dominant (Sattva) and therefore they reflect ALL the three aspects of Brahman, namely Existence, Consciousness and Joy (SAT CHIT ANANDA).

Within each group also the ratio varies.

Fire is energy dominant and Space is Aura dominant.

Tiger is energy dominant and Cow is Aura dominant.

Thanks for asking this question and if you need more clarifications please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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