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"Namastey sir,
         Veda declares that You are actually not here in mortal world.You are situated in beyond 3 gunas, the Brahman state of bliss.Then Why It feels like I am NOW here on Earth?Why feels like I am enclosed,limited in this region? Please don't mention that due to illusory power of God it is happening; Give any other concrete fact.


Dear Jagat,

No. Veda does not say that you are not here. It says HERE and NOW are the ONLY truths. There is nothing called past or future. Try to give me a concrete proof that past or future exists. TRY HARD. You will find out that past and future exist ONLY IN YOUR MIND as thoughts. Is there any other proof? If yes, show me. What you are thinking is of no consequence.

You are HERE. You exist NOW. There is no doubt about it. So what you feel is absolutely correct.

Thanks for asking this question. If you can show a proof of past or future, you may ask the next question in the future. All that exists is HERE and NOW.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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