sir, u said world is made up of only energy and it called as "brahman", and it is to be understood not worshipped.
u follow advaita philosophy.
then my question is that why this energy exists???
as god doesn'nt come into picture here.
as some say god is material cause and intelligence behind universe.that is everything id god here, and this supports idolatory.
what is your opinion?

Dear Aaryan;

There are many things about energy, Brahman, that we do not know. Modern research is slowly clearing the mysteries. We have recently established the existence of Higg's Boson. There is on-going research about dark matter and dark energy. It was even more surprising for the sages of old. That is why they said that 'Brahman is unknowable'. As I mentioned in my last answer, we do not know from where energy arises and where will it disappear if the universe comes to an end. We do not know what all kind of properties energy has (other than how it behaves at our level of reality).

Adi Shankaracharya postulated two kind of reality planes. The absolute and the practical. What we observe and what really is. He called them 'Paramarthika Satya' and 'Vyavaharika Satya'. At the level of 'Paramarthika Satya', nothing exists other than Brahman. In 'Vyavaharika Satya', we have the universe, various galaxies in it, its expansion, our sun and earth along with its sister/brother planets, various forms of life and non-living things, and their interactions. Let us see how far we can go in understanding the reasons for 'Paramarthika Satya'. I would not term it as any intelligence or desire of energy, but its properties. Our books have said that Brahman has no desire, it is uninvolved (nirlipta, nirguna). Also unchangeable. The universe and creation that we see may only be our perception. Our senses can see only that. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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