sir,what is one's dharma??
is dharma decided by birth?
for example if my father is a trader , then must i become a trader? or follow my intuition and become what i want to be in my life..

Dear Ajay,

Your dharma is to listen to your father. I am sure that your father will consider your intuition, aptitude, skill and capabilities before suggesting you your dharma. Talk to your father on what you want to be in life and then discuss and decide.

There is no rule that you must become a trader. You can become whatever you want. BUT it is essential that you EARN MONEY after your basic education or the age of 25 whichever is earlier. If you are over 25 then your higher education/training should be out of your income and not your father's income.

That is your dharma.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications, pl do ask me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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