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geeta said if intercast marriages were done then forefathers it true.that means did lord krishna encourage caste system.then y subhadra married arjuna.y bheema married hidimbi.y didnt krishna stopped those to marry.didnt they knew that their forefathers it correct to encourage castes..

Dear Sandhya,

Inter-caste marriages were not preferred but it is not that our mythology does not contain such marriages. Devayani was the daughter of Sage Shukracharya and his wife, Jayanti. She was from a brahmin family but married Yayati, who was a kshatriya. After-all, nine kinds of marriages are mentioned in the smritis. But Brahma-vivah, with consent of the parents and when the girl is sent to her husband's house with whatever gifts the family can arrange (not by taking loans) is considered the best. The problem in an inter-caste marriage is about adjustment in a different environment. But in modern India, so many inter-caste marriages take place. If the couple lives a happy and respectable life then their is no reason why the forefathers would not be happy. Subhadra and Arjuna were both from Kshatriya families so their was no problem. Bheema's marriage was a special case, Gandharva Vivah, marriage because of love, just like Shakuntala's marriage. Hidimba is worshiped as a Goddess in Kullu-Manali, and their son, Ghatotkach, was one of the bravest warriors in Mahabharata war.

That the inter-caste marriages are not preferred is not because one caste is higher and the other lower. It is a simple concern for adjustment. Krishna clearly says in Gita that wise men see an accomplished and noble brahmin, a cow, a she-elephant, a dog, and a dog-eater (Chandala, out-caste. Shudra is not an out-caste) to be the same. Gita does not contain as narrow ideas as you might be thinking. It is a very wise book. With best regards,

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