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Hindus/why people are fighting over religion?


QUESTION: sir, is it possible to get enlightenment by other religions like islam,christianity,buddhism,zen,judaism etc???
because self knowledse is needed for realization and that can't be obtained without "gyana yoga" or meditation.and i don't observe it in other religions.


Yes, it is possible to gain enlightenment by fully following ANY religion. Self-Knowledge is same as Knowledge of God. There IS meditation and gyana yoga in other religions. The terminology followed in the other religions may differ, but ALL religions lead to liberation.

But ONLY in Hinduism,there is an unbroken tradition of teacher-student. What is said in Vedas NO ONE can understand without the guidance of a PERSONAL TEACHER. It is difficult to know the message of Jesus Christ, for example. There are so many denominations in Christianity. While it is true all of them reveal the truth, there is no one to explain to a true seeker.

So it is comparatively difficult - but not impossible - to gain liberation by following other religions.

Thanks for asking this important question. Will be glad to provide more clarifications if needed.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

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QUESTION: sir, then why people are fighting over religion?
why they are saying mine is only true religion or only my god  is great?
i dnt take any name but ,why they want to convert all people of world into their religion only?
can't all religion live in harmony??


This is due to ignorance. Most people do not have the capability to understand the central message. They hold on to rituals and follow them without understanding why they are doing it. Only if they understand what their own religion is saying, they will have the opportunity to see that all religions say the same thing.

For example, Jesus Christ used to conduct sermons. Large number of people attended these sermons. But most of them cannot understand what Christ was trying to convey. They will patiently wait till the speech is over and then fall at the feet of Jesus and seek solutions to their problems. Jesus did convert water into wine and brought back the dead from the grave. He did all these, with a hope that people will listen to him and attain liberation. But unfortunately, people become more attracted to miracles and because of that Christianity is the largest religion in world today.

Since people do not understand the message, they gain strength in numbers. If more number of people are there in one religion, then one can safely assume that that religion HAS THE CORRECT message. That is the reason for conversion and dispute.

People believe that their God is the greatest without even knowing the meaning of the word God. It is not their mistake. They are not capable of understanding the central message. By practicing the rituals prescribed in their respective religions, they will get mental maturity so that one day they can get enlightenment.

Thanks for asking this question.If you need more clarifications please let me know.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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