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Gaurav wrote at 2013-01-24 09:41:49
Hinduism is a way of life. Hindus accept any view that leads to the true God. That is why there is no conversion/reconversion in hinduism but ignorant people don't know. Further, to understand God, just consider God to be everywhere. Concentrate on just one point and consider it to be God who is present everywhere. I always see God everywhere and in everyone. The point is, connect your heart with the God. God is lord Vishnu. Shiv is an expansion of Vishnu and the two of them are one and the same. Goddess Shakti or Parvati is the power of Shiv. Same is Laxmi for Vishnu. Shiv and Shakti are inseparable as are Vishnu and Laxmi. Without Shakti, Shiv is powerless. Ram, Krishna, Vishnu all are same. Ram and Krishna are incarnations of Vishnu. Hanuman is the incarnation of Shiv. Ganesh is Shiv's son. So we can see that there is just one God with many manifestations. Worship the manifestation you like. The 330 mn Gods/ Demi-Gods are the one and the same. To understand more about Hinduism, other than books, one may also visit religious place such as Varanasi, Rishikesh, Haridwar.


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