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sir how moksha or joyful living can free someone from cycle of birth and death??
what change it causes in life which makes one free??


Moksha DOES NOT cause any change in life. Everything in the world will be same even after attaining Moksha. However, how one sees life will be different. The mind of the enlightened person DOES NOT get attached to any objects of the world. Therefore, he attains freedom.

When a person dies, the desire at the time of death determines his next birth. After attaining Moksha, a person does not have any binding desire. He does not even desire that this should be his last birth.

Moksha means freedom from attachment. As long as one thinks that the world gives happiness and sorrow, he/she will be bound (attached to the world). Rebirth is unavoidable. Once the attachment is gone, one is free.

Thanks for asking this interesting question. Will be glad to provide more clarifications, if you need them.

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Raja Subramaniyan  


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