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Hello I am doing a research report on the Hindu religion and Indian culture. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions and if you could email me the answers back ASAP.
1. What is the main purpose of the Hindu religion?
2. Describe what the temple looks like inside and outside.
3. Do people use more verbal or nonverbal communication during a service and how so?
4. What is the priests purpose?

Thank you,

Dear Antoinette

Purpose of all religion are almost same. Hindu religion is not very different.

I would suggest you visits one Hindu temple in your city and see for yourself. If you can not make it,  visit a portal of a Hindu temple for  the details. Most temples do not bar any one from visiting it.

People pray both silently as well as uttering some Mantras. It depends.

priests facilitate offering his services for worshiping the god.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain


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