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Hindus/Mala caste history in Andhra Pradesh.


Dear sir,
         I want to know more about how Malas influenced the society and their role in history of AP.
         Though some historians say that Mala community were warriors, I don't understand why they are in the scheduled caste category now?

Dear Karthik,

Wikipedia has this to say about 'Malas':

"According to researchers like Ambedkar, the Mahars and similar communities like Malas were actually warriors of some defeated kingdom, they were pushed down in social status,they were disarmed but retained as village servants."

That happened in history. For example, there are Mahiya Rajputs in Gujarat and the more famous Khatris (Kshatriya, just like Malla) of Punjab. They were hindu warriors, defeated by invaders, asked to leave arms, the Khatris then took up trade and excelled in it.

Malas also have done well in various fields, especially in military. Why should one care about castes in independent India in 2012. If a Mala male and an Andhra Brahmin female want to marry, they have every constitutional right to do so.

The scheduled caste tag gives you advantages. Perhaps you do not need it, but somebody else may be needing it. So let it be. In some more time people would stop worrying about caste. With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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