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Hindus/Can a unselfish person attain moksha?


QUESTION: sir,wouldn't it be selfish to strive for moksha???
swami vivekananda himself said"i can't even think about moksha till a single dog is hungry in India"
shouldn't we work hard for progress of our country rather than personal happiness???


The choice is yours. It is wrong to expect others to behave like you. Everyone is different. Some will work for the welfare of others and some will work for personal happiness. BOTH ARE CORRECT.

Thanks for asking this question. Will be glad to answer more.

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Raja Subramaniyan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: sir then can a person who is working for welfare of society unselfishly can attain moksha?? considering he follows dharma and karma yoga..


NO. Unselfish social work does not grant moksha to a person. It only makes him/her eligible for of moksha. He/she does not attain moksha UNLESS they study scripture with a selfish motive. Vedas are very clear on this part. Moksha means liberation from the cycle of birth and death. A person can attain moksha ONLY by gaining self-knowledge.

Law of karma apply to both good deeds and bad deeds. Unselfish work, earns lots of merits (PUNYA). Therefore, that person will be surely born again to enjoy the fruits of his good work. Most probably he/she may be born in Swarka loka. However, when they exhaust enjoying the fruits of good work, they will be born here again. The cycle will continue and there is no chance of liberation UNLESS that person learn the scripture.

DO NOT COMPARE THE TEACHING OF THE SPIRITUAL MASTERS. ALL spiritual masters teach ONLY THE TRUTH. BUT people are different. Therefore, the same truth appears different. You should choose your path according to your personality. When you attain moksha, you will understand that every spiritual master is right and there is no suffering in the world.

Thanks for asking this interesting follow up question. If you need more clarifications, please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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